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When you first start up your computer, it can take a few minutes for all of your programs and backup data to 'wake up.' When your PC is new, it probably boots up relatively quickly. But the more you use your computer, the more programs you install, and the more files and data you accumulate, the slower your boot up time will become. If you feel that you spend to long staring at your desktop, waiting for your PC to finish starting up, then it is probably time to do something about it.

There are some basic steps you can take to help your PC boot up faster. Some have to do with the amount of data on your hard drive in general, while others are all about organizing your computer's functions by having it spend boot up time only on those tasks that you need it to.

In general, your PC will do most everything faster if you eliminate extraneous files and takes other steps to optimize your computer. Delete your temporary files, old programs you don't use any more, and empty the recycling bin.

There is one main thing you can do, though, to help your PC boot up faster. Often, programs such as Real player and instant messaging programs automatically start up when you boot up your PC, which makes startup take longer. The key to booting up faster, then, is to start up with only the programs you plan on needing right away, every time.

The easiest way to keep a program from opening is to go into that programs settings to see if you can uncheck an "autostart" or "autolaunch" box. If you can't, click Start > All programs > Startup. For each program you do not want launched automatically, right click and select "delete." You will keep the program, but it will only start when you open it like any other application, rather than opening when you boot up your PC. If you keep only the necessary programs in this folder, your PC should boot up faster.


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